Tuesday, April 10, 2012

This is the beginning of a series I'm going to work on.  I never really write haikus much, but I've always appreciated writers of this form for their ability to create such a beautiful moment is such a limited space.  Please humor me as I practice :)

Simple Things

Pool reflections float
on our living room ceiling,
a bit of magic. 


Clean dishes, warm bath.
The clarity of nothing
to do but sit, be.


Purple petals on
lunch. Delicate reminder
you're still here. I'm yours.
"The first Step is Always the Hardest, so leap."

Bathroom tile inspiration
graffitied  in my favorite colored ink
on the wall that keeps my
current deeds a private matter.
Thank you, perfect purple loving
stranger for easing the mind of a
love sick drifter who needed
that pep talk. Somehow,
it meant more coming from you,
this invisible pen I'll never
put a face to.
You're like that moment when
you should have crashed
but someone, somewhere
was looking out.