Tuesday, April 10, 2012

This is the beginning of a series I'm going to work on.  I never really write haikus much, but I've always appreciated writers of this form for their ability to create such a beautiful moment is such a limited space.  Please humor me as I practice :)

Simple Things

Pool reflections float
on our living room ceiling,
a bit of magic. 


Clean dishes, warm bath.
The clarity of nothing
to do but sit, be.


Purple petals on
lunch. Delicate reminder
you're still here. I'm yours.


  1. This is a haiku poem that I wrote recently for an AP & T contest - thought you'd enjoy it :) ....
    This land took my love. Mother, Father, Sarah too! Now they rest Above.
    But it gave a son. Isaac, standing tall and strong. He shines like the sun.
    A home it gave too. In the great Alaskan wild. Built with love for you. Mountains that stand strong. Nature at it's very best. The days are so long. :)
    Alaska we love. Good, bad and in between. It fits like a glove!