Monday, March 26, 2012

Just Thinking...

Definitely a first draft but....

A Sigh and a Smile

When clarity comes easy.
The solutions to my lifelong conundrums
present themselves to me in each person
I pass by, because I find myself much more interested
in people than silver platters.  When I can wake up,
 stretch my arms to Heaven and back and know that
my life is a rubix cube of complication and bliss
and clutter and contentment…and that is
is never going to come together the way that
I would prefer, but that is OK.
When I understand why it can’t be all about me.
When I learn why if I don’t put me first sometimes
I won’t be equipped to be there for others.  When I learn
I can’t help everyone all the time and that I am not
responsible for their happiness or misery.
When I can enter my own thoughts,
and feel safe. 

Kaleigh Lambert 

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