Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Look Back

So, I wrote this poem that I am about to share with you a long time ago in a poetry workshop course.  It was based on a prompt given to me by me epically wonderful teacher Emily Wall, but like everything I write, it meant much more to me that simply an in class assignment.  It was an expression of how I felt and how I wish I could feel.  I am happy and blessed to say that I have found someone who's arms will wind around me forever.

What is Loneliness?

A widow who sits
Glancing out her window, to the couple holding hands
Snuggling so close that the mist of
Their breath I the cold twilight meets
As though it were simply one persons breathing
They seem to not mind the iron bench beneath them
Which is frigid from the winter night’s breeze
That blows puffs of snow
Over their booted feet
Perhaps their woolen scarves keep them warm
Perhaps their coats, shielding them from the crisp air
Or, more likely
Their arms
Which seem to winds around each other forever
As their chilled cheeks touch in their embrace   
Their silent onlooker,
Up in her window
Is like a lighthouse whose light has burnt out,
And been abandoned by its keeper
But still watches over the ocean

            Kaleigh Lambert

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